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Mortgage Services

Complete mortgage advice and insurance services in Rotorua

Taking a personal interest in every client, Graeme Leigh and the dedicated team from The Mortgage Centre Rotorua will provide tailored mortgage advice and insurance services. Helping you through every aspect of the process AT NO COST TO YOU. Graeme can travel in Rotorua and surrounding districts.

What we will do for you

AT NO COST TO YOU Graeme will come to you and following an initial interview he will:
  • Do all the legwork by collecting all the information to put together a meaningful application
  • Take away the stress by simplifying the process
  • Tailor the application to your personal situation
  • Negotiate the best loan package for you
  • Source a pre-approval if you want to take your time to find a suitable property or go to auction
  • Discuss the lenders loan offer
  • Advise the best loan types and structures just for you
  • Confirm finance to the Solicitor on your behalf
  • Follow loan documents and loan proceeds through to settlement

How will we best do this for you?

  • He will be available any day at anytime in Rotorua
  • He will come to you where ever you are
  • No question or suggestion is too small or silly to mention
  • You will only be dealing with one person, Graeme, during this whole process
  • You get the benefit of his connections and reputation among the lenders
  • You get the benefit of better pricing, because of his volume of lending
  • You have more options with more lenders
  • He may be able restructure existing lending to save you money
  • He may be able to include high cost short term debt in the package
  • You don’t have to be living in NZ. We have clients in Australia, London, Wales, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, South Africa, Canada, USA and Germany

What else we can do for you

AT NO COST TO YOU Graeme will provide trauma, income, mortgage, rent, and redundancy or bankruptcy cover.
He will show you how to:
  • Protect your mortgage or rent, as it is usually your largest single expense, so that when you can’t pay the mortgage or rent, you or your family don’t become homeless
  • Protect your income, as it is your single largest asset and its from this source that you fund your lifestyle
  • Protect your life, so others can carry on living with out money worries
  • Protect you, so illness or injury doesn’t burden others with financial stress
  • Protect you in the event of a redundancy and bankruptcy
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